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Q. My leather doesn't look dirty—do I still need to clean it?
A. Leather requires regular care to maintain it's beauty, and to insure a long life. Even if your leather doesn't look dirty, you can be sure that it has a film of soil body oils on it. Use our Soft Cleaner at least every 6 months, every 4 months would be ideal. Always follow your cleaning with an application of our Ensure which is a Protectant and Conditioner.

Q Our leather is only three years old, but has many scratches and scuffs marks on it. Is there anything that I can do for it?
A. Many of today's leathers are what we call Pull -Up leathers; these leathers are impregnated with waxes and/or oils. In some cases just running your nail across the surface will cause a lighter scratch/scuff mark. Don't worry—you're only moving the waxes and/or oils within the leather. Use our Olio or Wax Replenish; these products will replace those waxes and oils in your leather. The scuffs and scratches will disappear!

Q I use Armour All on my car leather interior—is this OK for my sofa leather?
A. I hope you waited for our answer before using that on your sofa! Do not use Armour All or any similar silicone based products on your leather. Silicone will breakdown the finish of your leather overtime and will clog the pores of the leather as well. I would also recommend that you stop using that in your car as well. Our Soft Cleaner combined with an application of our Ensure, will clean, condition, and protect all of your leathers.

Q The salesman at the store said that our leather was "Bullet Proof." I took that to mean that it is maintainance-free. Is that correct?
A. There is no leather in existence that has no need for care. Even though there are some leathers that are finished more heavily to offer greater resistance to spills and the like, soil and body oils will tend to accumulate on the surface. Over time, the oils and soil will tend to get ground into the finish of the leather, causing it to break down. You need to clean and condition your leather at least twice yearly. Use our Soft Cleaner for cleaning and our Ensure for conditioning and protecting.

Q The room where we have our sectional gets a lot of sun. The end of the one side has faded noticeably. Is there anything that can help restore the color?
A. Good news! Help is on the way. Our Rejuvenation Kit will get your leather back to looking good. It includes a specially formulated wipe-on color that will help restore, rejuvenate the color and luster of your leather.

Q I am considering the purchase of a living room set with a natural, distressed kind of leather, but I'm worried that it will be difficult to maintain. What are your thoughts?
A. There is no need to be afraid of these types of leathers. Remember that leather is a natural product, and age should add to its beauty. It's best to clean these leathers regularly with a mild cleaner such as our Soft Cleaner.

Conditioning is also important. Our Ensure will condition your leather, and will also lay down a protective barrier—you no longer need to be afraid of these leathers. Over the years these leathers can tend to look a bit tired, or worn. Our Olio or Wax Replenish treatments will revitalize these natural-type leathers.

Q. My husband has this old leather recliner, we've had it for about 10 years and there's a dark spot where his head and arms rest; is there anyway to fix it?
A. This is indeed a tough problem with natural leathers. The problem is that his body oils have saturated into the leather over time. You can help alleviate the problem with our Leather Degreaser. It will help lift and remove the majority of that stubborn oil spot. Once removed, give the piece a thorough cleaning with our Soft Cleaner, and protect it with an application of our Ensure; it will help keep the problem from reoccurring.

Q. Our beautiful leather sofa has developed a milky, white film over time. I've tried cleaning it numerous times, but it keeps coming back. What can be done?
A. That film is caused by the natural fats in the leather coming up to the surface. It is what is called "Spew." It can be removed with an application of Spew Remover. Once removed, give the sofa a general cleaning with our Soft Cleaner, and an application of our Ensure to help protect and condition.

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